Supplier Demo

To book a supplier demo please select a location and time from the calendar below.

Demos can be scheduled only through the calendar below. 

Scroll down on the calendar for extended demo hours (Big 10 only).

Demos are only for products currently carried.

Before scheduling, please review our Vendor Demo Guidelines found below, or download here.

Vendor Demo Guidelines

Please read the guidelines before scheduling your demo, and review again prior to your demo.

Important Parking Info: Please do not park in our parking lot at the Santa Monica location. Violation of this rule is taken seriously, and if it occurs more than once you will not be allowed to demo at either of our stores again. Underground parking is available at the Culver City location.

Check in upon arrival: in Santa Monica, check in with the Manager On Duty (MOD); in Culver City, check in with the relevant Department Manager or a staff member if the DM is unavailable.

As your demo may not necessarily be near the product you are sampling, you may set up a small display of those items so that you can sell them during your demo. You are responsible for bringing all supplies that you will need for the demo: sample product (unless you purchase it from the store first or have arranged with the Department Manager for it to be shipped directly to the store), sufficient and appropriate gloves, a table (no larger than 3 feet), sample cups, containers for products, platters, toothpicks, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

It is your responsibility to coordinate with the Department Manager in order to have adequate product to support your demo.

Please do not give out samples of any items that we do not sell in the store.


Please follow these health code guidelines required by the City:

  1. Always wash hands before handling food, and after using the restroom, using your cell phone, sneezing, handling raw meat or unwashed produce, or touching your hair, face, or any unsanitary surface.
  2. When wearing gloves, change them after doing any of the above.
  3. You may not eat anything during your demo, or drink anything other than water.
  4. You must wear closed-toed shoes.
  5. Hair must be pulled back away from your face when your hair is longer than shoulder length.
  6. You may not wear tank tops.
  7. Cold food products must be kept on ice. (We can provide ice; please ask an employee to direct you to the ice machine.)

General rules and behavior:

  1. Eating and drinking are not allowed anywhere on the sales floor (except water, as noted above).
  2. Avoid chatting with other vendors or staff while customers are waiting.
  3. Remain in the designated demo area during your scheduled shift.
  4. Avoid gossiping, using inappropriate language, or discussing inappropriate subjects while on the sales floor.
  5. Avoid abusing Co+opportunity facilities or equipment.
  6. Avoid texting or talking on the phone while on the sales floor; your focus should be on our customers. Please arrange to report to your supervisor before or after your demo time.
  7. The co-op reserves the right to end any scheduled demo and request that the sampler leave should sufficient violation of any of the above policies occur.

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