At Co-Opportunity, everyone is welcome.

Everyone can shop at the Co-op, but by becoming a member, you are becoming a part owner of a mission-driven cooperative market rooted in history.

We take pride in being a community-owned market, where the very people who own this thriving consumer cooperative are the ones shopping in the store.  Each owner invests an equal amount of dollars in the Co-op as working capital so that they have a grocery store they can trust to supply them with the highest quality, freshest, organic, local foods around.

Becoming a member means that you have a voice in guiding and supporting this sustainable, democratically controlled, economically fair form of business ownership. Think of this as an investment in your community, and although you may cancel your membership at any time and receive a return of your investment...why would you ever want to?

A wise investment

Invest $25 a year until you reach $300 (12 years/12 shares). That's the maximum amount a member can invest in ownership shares. 

Ownership shares are fully refundable and can be canceled at any time!* To become a member, visit the co-op today or sign up online! 

* Annual investment shares are at risk. See the membership contract for full details.

Member savings & benefits 

  • 10% off all shopping trips for 3 days every month 
  • Special member discount coupons
  • Member only sales 
  • Discounts at community businesses

For membership account inquiries or any questions related to being a Co-Opportunity member, please email: ownership@coopportunity.com 

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