At Co+opportunity, everyone is welcome.

Everyone can shop and anyone can join Co+opportunity.

We take pride in the fact that we're a community-owned market, where the very people that own this thriving  consumer cooperative are the ones shopping in the store.  Each member  invests an equal amount of dollars in the co-op as working capital so that they have a grocery store they can trust to supply them with the highest quality, freshest, organic, local foods around.

Becoming a member means that you have a voice in guiding and supporting this sustainable, democratically controlled, economically fair form of business ownership. Think of this as an investment in your community, and although you may cancel your membership at any time and receive a full refund of your investment...why would you ever want to?

A wise investment

Invest $25 a year until you reach $300 (12 years/12 shares). That's the maximum amount any member can invest in membership shares. When the $300 investment is fulfilled, your membership is set for life. 

Membership shares are fully refundable and can be canceled at anytime!* To become a member, visit the Co+op today or sign up online! 

* Annual investment shares must be paid each year to receive full refund. See membership contract for full details.

Member savings & benefits 

Community Connections
Community Connections
  • Exclusive savings at local businesses through our “Community Connections“ program.

  • $50 random register raffles (twelve members chosen each month)

  • A vote and the ability to run for a seat on the Co+op's board of directors (See board of directors page for more info)

  • Bi-weekly member e-newsletter (emailed directly to co+op members)

  • A voice and the ability to give product suggestions and feedback, and truly be heard
  • Volunteer opportunities to help your co+op on committees and to represent it in the community
  • Be informed on the financial health of the business by means of an annual report 
  • Best of all, you’ll feel good sharing in the bounty of a business that will be locally owned forever, a business with integrity that supports the local community and at the same time builds connections with our local growers, vendors and the greater co+op community. Co+opportunity member-owners keep their money within their local economy, benefiting local sustainable agriculture, fair wages staff benefits, and embracing consumer cooperation.

For membership account inquiries or any questions related to being a Co+op member-owner, please email:


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