Meet the Candidates

Oct 27 & Nov 3 / 10am - 2pm 


Meet the candidates in Culver City and Santa Monica! 

Acting on behalf of our owners, the Board ensures the success of the cooperative by working together effectively, empowering and holding accountable the General Manager, providing strategic leadership and perpetuating our democratic organization. 


There are three seats available on the co-op Board this year. 


Candidate Statements

Lynn Dickinson


Thank you very much for your support. Having served on the Co+opportunity Board of Directors for the past sixteen years, this will be my last time running for office and if elected, my final term of service – during which I have agreed to serve as Vice President. The co-op is now in a very critical stage of its development, with the selection of a new General Manager on the horizon, and the new Culver City store facing myriad unanticipated logistical challenges – all of which are in the process of being overcome with frequent board involvement.


More than any other time in its history, the co-op needs experienced, steady, informed leadership from board members who are intimately familiar with the ins-and-outs of this soon-to-be ten-year-long expansion process. I am running for the Board one more time because I feel compelled to see the challenges at our Culver City location and in our competitive market overall, through to a satisfactory resolution. I want to serve until I am confident that Co+opportunity is once again thriving and moving forward toward a secure, long term future – and then I will happily leave my seat in the good hands of a new board member of your choosing.


I appreciate your support for the past sixteen years, and I hope I can count on your vote just one more time, on behalf of this amazing co-op that we all know and love.


Thank you.

Michelle Jacobson


If you have been a member of Co+opportunity for more than 4 years, I am no stranger to you. For those of you who joined our co-op more recently, let me introduce myself.


I previously served on the Co+opportunity Board of Directors for 9 terms. After my ninth term, I encouraged other members (especially younger members) to step into a leadership role. It is wonderful to see new board members and the diversity in our board composition.


This past year, I have become reengaged in the co-op’s governance and future direction. At the end of 2017, the Board established a Board of Advisors to retain talent and cultivate future leaders. I was honored to become an Advisor, and, after the first meeting, realized how much I missed serving the co-op. During the course of the year, two vacancies opened on the Board and I was appointed to serve the remainder of a term. The term expires at the end of the year.


I have always felt that I will continue to serve the co-op as long as I have something to contribute and something to learn. I am currently on the General Manager Search Committee and Chair the Board Development Committee. With the reality of board member term limits upon us, processes for onboarding and coaching new board members need to be developed and implemented. My experience on this board, as well as state and national cooperative boards, uniquely qualifies me for this role.


For the record, I bleed blue and gold as a UCLA alumna – BA, MA, MBA. I have worked at UCLA since 2001 and am currently Sr. Director of Development for Health Sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine. I originally joined the co-op as a young mother in search of organic produce for my 3 children. The fact that organic food is so ubiquitous today should make every co-op member proud to know we led the way!


I ask for your vote to serve you and Co+opportunity once again. Thank you.

Matt Amsden 


My name is Matt Amsden I’m very proud to have served on our co-op’s Board of Directors during these eventful last few years. In that time, our co-op has expanded to include a truly impressive second store. More importantly however, it has grown in its ability to succeed in a marketplace that has rapidly become much more competitive than it has been historically.


As a member of the Board Executive Committee (Board Secretary), I’ve been very active in assuring we meet the challenge of remaining competitive while maintaining the cooperative principles that make us unique. I have been nominated to serve as Board President beginning in 2019, should I be reelected, and I look forward to continuing our search for an exceptional permanent General Manger to lead operations in the coming years.


I bring nearly two decades of business experience in the wellness and natural foods industry, as well as a commitment to progressive ideals executed with sound fiscal responsibility.


I pledge to do my best for you and our co-op! Thank you for your vote!

John M. Fischette


Hello, I am John M. Fischette and I have been a member of the co-op and a resident of Santa Monica for over 23 years. My family believes in and has always supported the environmentally friendly, locally grown, organic food co-op business model.


My past experience includes 8 years of working for a major supermarket where I worked my way up to management and worked in every department. Therefore, I am very familiar with what it a takes for a grocery store to succeed. Additionally, I spent years overseeing Ben & Jerry’s retail scoop shops (even the one in Santa Monica!). In this time, I developed staff and management training programs, launched new income streams and increased sales.


Further, as an MBA Business Consultant for the last 15 years, I bring the best practices from the variety of industries I have worked with. I helped those businesses better serve their customers, improve their bottom lines and achieve their goals. And now I want to do the same for the co-op.


With the new economy and increased competition, there should be new thinking. Therefore, I am running for the board to bring fresh ideas to help the Co-op:


  • Get back on track for profitability and ensure long-term growth
  • Establish additional revenue streams and outmaneuver increased competition
  • Be a more convenient place to shop
  • Interact with its members more effectively
  • Leverage the new internet economy


I respectfully ask for your vote. Thank you.

How to Vote

Voting Begins on Oct 22, and Ends on Nov 12

You must be an active co-op Owner as of September 1, 2018, to vote in this election.


To vote, log-in to the voting website at and follow the instructions, or vote in-store at both locations at the Ownership Desk.


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