Rabbit Hole Foods

When Rosanna Caira and Walter “D” Morris co-founded The Rabbit Hole Cafe in Agoura Hills in 2012, they started pondering food: if you are what you eat, what are you? Where does food come from, and how does it come to be on your plate? While these are not new questions, their conversations about animal agriculture and their mission as business owners took them down a proverbial rabbithole and transformed their business.

At the cafe they screened the film Cowspiracy, and from then on became more curious about the meat industry and its impact on health and the environment. Rosanna had grown up in a food family; “I became inspired to take the experiences I had around food as a child and allow them to guide me in my style but not define me anymore. I challenged myself to make anything I loved and veganize it without sacrificing comforting flavors,” she says.

Their white rabbit (curiosity) led them to find that eating animals was no longer becoming of them, and they transitioned to an entirely whole food, plant based menu composed of favorite comfort foods, reimagined and veganized into plant based meals that were deeply satisfying and truly comforting. It was at the (sadly now-closed) cafe that Rabbit Hole Foods’ original Un-Tuna was created: organic chickpeas, those powerhouses of protein and dietary fiber, soaked for 18 hours to increase digestibility, then combined with just the right ingredients and carefully textured.

Inviting others to “get curious” about food, Rabbit Hole Foods is now a whole food plant based technology company developing food options for markets, creating minimally processed “convenient foods for conscious humans.” In addition to producing and developing plant-based, organic, and gluten-free comfort foods, Rabbit Hole Foods works with other food service providers to expand their vegan and gluten-free offerings, including marketing materials, brand development, menu development, website design, and packaging.

Your co-op is proud to stock Rabbit Hole Foods’ chickpea-based UnTuna, UnChicken Curry Salad, and UnEgg Salad as well as their creamy (vegan!) Artichoke and Spinachoke Dips - stop by and give them a try!


Photos © Rabbit Hole Foods  

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