Come see what the Co-op's got cookin'!

The Co-op chefs are whipping up all your favorite traditional side dishes made with the freshest organic ingredients! Look for them prepackaged and ready to go at both locations. Find delicious pies and vegan options as well. 

Looking for turkey? Each year we select the highest quality turkeys for our customers. 

Diestel Farms organic turkey is a favorite amongst those who really care about serving family and friends the best.

Sheltons all natural turkeys have been a holiday staple item at the Co-op for years. Their turkeys "don't do drugs", and because of that, we're proud to carry them on our shelves!

 You can place your order for either fresh or pre-cooked turkeys and specialty meats by phone or at the Membership Desk at either store. Turkeys can be picked up starting Saturday, November 18th. Make sure you pick up your order from the store you placed it at. For more details and offerings, visit Co+opportunity Culver City or Santa Monica!

You can relax...we'll help you serve an awesome meal!

Stop in to see all the delicious options we have this year. Green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and of course, a juicy oven-roasted turkey. There's much more to take home and delight your family and friends with, so stop today!

For those last minute items, both locations will be open Thanksgiving day from 7 am - 2 pm.



The Co-op chefs enjoy what they do, and it's obvious in the food they're preparing. One would think they may be a little intimated by having to cook for two stores on Thanksgiving, but that's certainly not the case for these talented individuals!

Let's meet the chefs!

Chef Carlos

He's had a love for cooking since he was 17 years old.

Carlos has plenty of experience when it comes to cooking for large amounts of people. He cooks for three different homes on Thanksgiving. He helps his mom cook at her house, then goes over to the home of a close friend and cooks for them, and then he makes his final meal for his own family.

His favorite dishes to make for Thanksgiving are the turkey & stuffing. "I'm a traditional chef but I love to try different things. With the stuffing, I'll throw in a whole bunch of different meat - ground turkey, ham, beef - but then I'll throw in some olives, raisins, whatever I'm feeling. Of course Chef John has a recipe for me to use this year but that's just what I do at home."

He loves working at the Co-op and bringing all of his knowledge to the Co-op kitchen. He said the opportunity to cook for both the Culver City and the Santa Monica store allows the chefs to really use all the appliances and ovens in the new Culver City kitchen.

"We're not intimated at all. We can cook about 20 whole turkey's at one time in these ovens. We can even break in the 'teal skillet' (a 12 inch covered deep skillet) and fry turkey. We can knock-out the food for both stores without breaking a sweat."  

Chef Maria

Wife and mother of two. Loves cooking traditional Mexican food the most and uses some of those seasonings in her home-cooked Thanksgiving meal.

"I like preparing the turkey and making pecan pie. But I can't share my family secrets." 


Chef John DiBernardo

Has 20 years of experience. Loves cooking for Thanksgiving and loves the fall season. "I like the flavors - cranberry, butternut squash, yams - I love all those things the season brings."

John manages the Co-op kitchen and chefs and created this years menu, adding a special dish to the menu that reminded him of his father. "Peas and carrots with bacon. That's my dads thing. Although he ususally puts more bacon then peas and carrots."

How does John feel about cooking for both stores this year? "It's fine. It's easy because we're organized, we've got the space to do it and a great team of chefs to help." 

Chef Josephina

This fun-spirited chef loves to cook and loves working for the Co-op. She's stays busy prepping foods and working hard to support her team. She jokingly stated, "the Co-op will make us famous!"

Yes, all their great food will surely be the talk of the town!

It's not too late to taste their creations in advance. We're serving them up in the hot bar all week long!

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