Community Spotlight - Mari and Emi Saroka

Long-time members Mari & Emi Saroka

"My daughter and I were surprised and delighted to see our photo included in the Co-op's new 'What is a Co-op?' poster! I was hoping you’d have a spare I can send to Emi for her freshman dorm at UC Irvine. She’d get a kick out of seeing it since she’s been a loyal customer all her life!


Emi Saroka shopping at the Co-op 17 years ago!

We were also so happy to see this cute picture of Emi shopping at the Co-op as a young Co-op Ex­plorer! We decided to talk to Mari and get a little more insight into her time as a Co-op member!

We became members in 1996 because we lived in Santa Monica and the Co-op offered the best selection of organic produce in our neighborhood. We now live in Topanga and drive down the canyon two or three times a week to shop. It’s still our favorite store!

We look for seasonal, high quality, local, organic produce for its health benefits and superior flavor. If you cook with quality ingredients every dish tastes terrific! My kids have learned to eat healthfully by helping in the kitchen and are now both excellent cooks!

I have so many favorites at the Co-op from the fresh organic basilt baby arugula and Bunny Love organic carrots to the organic Hawaiian ginger custom sandwiches on toasted panini and Organic Pastures raw milk. The employees at the Co-op are knowledgeable, helpful, and kind and always make grocery shopping a pleasure!”

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