Chino Valley Ranch Eggs

At the co-op, we're proud to have a healthy variety of ethically produced eggs, like those from local Chino Valley Ranch.
The Culver City store now has an expanded selection of their Organic, Free-Range, Soy-Free, Humane Harvested egg products!

The mission at Chino Valley Ranch is simple:

“Produce the freshest and highest quality eggs at the best price, treat all our hens with kindness and respect through personalized care, and put back into the earth what we take out of it.”

A family-owned company now in its third generation, Chino Valley Ranch has a powerful commitment to family, and the values they feel go with it: "hard work, integrity and honesty to goodness quality."

It's clear that this company extends its definition of family to the chickens themselves.
"They’re raised in free roaming environments with access to sunlight, premium grain feeds and plenty of fresh air and water. We believe that happy, healthy hens are productive hens."

Chino Valley Ranch also prioritizes sustainability. All of their packaging is printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled and recyclable materials. They also reuse 100% of the water used with their chickens in their farming and gardening. They even create fertilizer with their composted chicken manure.

This is definitely a brand that reflects the values of the co-op; it's one you can trust, and feel positive about supporting!

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