What is Co+op Explorers?


Co+op Explorers is a free fruit program for the kids of Co+op members.

Kids ages 12 and under are invited to become Co+op Explorers, eligible to receive one free fruit per visit!

To join, parents or guardians can simply sign-up their child at the Membership Desk. Each child will be issued their very own super official Co+op Explorers card!

Then, every time you come to the Co+op, stop by the Membership Desk where we keep the designated Co+op Explorers free fruit basket. Show them your membership card and receive a Co+op Explorer sticker! The sticker should be worn in the store to let staff know your child or children
                                                           are participating in the program and can enjoy their fruit while shopping. 

                                                           More details can be obtained in the new member joining bag.
                                                            Join today!

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