Foodschool Presents Figgy Crostini

Servings: 4

Shop Co-op for seasonal organic ingredients, then make this easy delicious appetizer at home with Foodschool's founders, Jess and Sean - live on Coopportunity's Instagram on Friday, July 24 at 2pm.

Recipe courtesy of our neighbors in Santa Monica - Foodschool! The Foodschool @home program offers weekly online classes, taught by founders Jess & Sean, that the whole family can enjoy. You are never too young or old to watch and participate!


Baguette- 8 Slices

Figs (sliced) - 2 

Olive Oil - Drizzle

Goat Cheese - 1/2 Cup 

Honey - 1 Tbsp 

Thyme - 2 springs

Salt - 8 small pinches

Tips & Notes

Careful to not slice the fig too thin. 

Make sure to bake the baguette slices and fig slices on separate oven trays or the juice from the figs will make the bread soggy.

Ingredients & Recipe Printout

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