Donation Requests

Thank you for your interest in receiving a donation from Co-opportunity. We are pleased to provide donations for community-based events that align with our ends policy. 

Our ends policy states that,

“Co-opportunity will be at the forefront of a sustainable, transformed society that has:

easy access to sustainable food,

a robust cooperative economy,

a thriving community centered on hospitality, kindness, and generosity.”

Applications must be received one month prior to the date by which the donation is needed and are considered on a case-by-case basis with funds distributed as appropriately and equally as possible over the course of our fiscal year. Applications are reviewed on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Our goal is to contribute to as many local organizations as we can, but because of the ever-increasing number of requests we receive, we are unable to fulfill every request. 

Donation recipients agree to return a photograph of the event, for usage electronically and in print. Please send the photo to:

To request a donation, please complete our Donation Application Form. Completed applications can be returned by email, mail, or in person at either store location. Questions can be directed to Marketing by phone (310-451-8902 ext. 221) or e-mail:

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