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What do you get when you combine a classically trained chef, a personally transformative experience, and a little star power? Delicious Paleo snacks!

Nora Ramos studied the Le Cordon Bleu program in Pasadena, where she was classically trained in French and Italian cuisine. She worked in various restaurants in Los Angeles, but, she says, “I always struggled with weight during my career, using endless diets and exercise programs to lose weight with little to no long term results.” When a friend recommended a “Paleo Slow Carb” diet, she was intrigued; “Any diet where bacon was encouraged was a thrill to me!” Nora laughs. She lost over 80 lbs in 8 months, and decided to change her career path, using her training and her experience to create snacks that encourage healthy eating and help sustain a healthy lifestyle.  

In 2015, Nora started her business from her home, and sold her first cookies and granola to family and friends. She then began participating in Farmer’s Markets to test her products and get customer feedback. “It was really exciting to see positive feedback and gratitude from customers,” Nora says,  “It can be very time consuming having a Paleo diet, and my snacks provided a solution to time in the kitchen.” For the first year, Nora sold mainly cookies and crackers, until she met someone special at the Melrose Place Farmers Market. “Leonardo DiCaprio tried my treats and told me the granola was my best item,” Nora says, “With his suggestions and a little repackaging, the granola became a hit!”

“The benefits of a Paleo diet is the elimination of processed foods that contain unnecessary chemicals and empty calories that do not nourish us,” Nora says, “I source locally from California farmers and organic when possible, but make sure all the ingredients are 100% non-GMO by keeping a close relationship with suppliers.” That means that Nora’s granolas, cookies, scones, and crackers are free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy, GMOs, refined vegetable oils, and refined sugar but full of carefully sourced ingredients like California grown almond flour, organic free-range egg whites, and raw, local, unfiltered honey. Low in carbohydrates and added sugars (Nora uses organic coconut palm sugar with a low glycemic index), Nora’s Food Co.’s nut-based snacks are healthy sources of fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, and iron, and are always low in sodium and cholesterol-free. And because Nora makes everything in small batches by hand, she’s able to ensure that everything she puts her name on is of the best quality.

Co+opportunity is proud to stock Nora’s Food Company’s delicious grain-free Paleo snacks at both of our locations! Pick up some of Nora’s snacks at your co-op today and fuel your day the Paleo way!

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