John Givens Farm

This week your co-op is going totally tomatoes - and it couldn’t happen without farms like that of John Givens! 

John Givens left his corporate job in the late 1970s to start farming in Goleta. Since 1980, John and his team have grown John Givens Farm from a single acre to more than 180 acres spread over a dozen locations, making them one of the largest and most successful farms in Santa Barbara County. Now branded under the “Something Good Organics” label, the farm supplies not only Southern California co-ops with their delicious produce, but a number of Santa Barbara restaurants as well as their neighbors through their CSA (community supported agriculture) program. 

For those of us not close enough to receive their delicious CSA of produce harvested daily (or to make it to their farmers’ markets), Something Good Organics also posts pictures on their Facebook and their Instagram of what’s going into each box, which can be a handy guide for figuring out what’s in season in Santa Barbara County! The weekly lists (sans pictures) are also available on their blog. And for everyone in need of some ideas for any extra organic produce, Something Good Organics offers tips for juicing. 

Something Good Organics/John Givens Farm has been certified organic for over 25 years. Their sustainable farming practices are as organic as they come, from composting to cover cropping to encouraging beneficial predators and biodiversity in the fields. They also make use of the diverse microclimates that they tend, effectively extending their growing seasons while simultaneously planting many varieties of produce on a regular basis, ensuring timely arrivals of seasonal products with extended growth times. Their cultivation methods support their crops growth as much as their climate, as practices such as nurturing tomatoes in cold frames in the winter dramatically extends tomato season into the cooler months. 

Today, John’s son Matt also works on the farm, with Carolyn Givens running the CSA program.  The Givens’ family’s commitment to community and truly local produce, and by extension their commitment to leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet, is just one of the reasons your co-op is proud to stock their produce. Most of all, their tomatoes are delicious, and are on our Fresh Deals right now!


Photos © John Givens Farm/Something Good Organics

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