Wine, Beer, Cheese

We carry a wide variety of wines for every taste and budget—from every corner of the globe—Italy, France, Australia, Chile, Napa County and many wines from right up the highway in Santa Barbara.

Interested in organic wine? You’re in luck as 60% of our wine is made from grapes that are sustainably or organically grown. Looking for biodynamic, vegan, NSA, or sulfite-free wine? We've got you covered on those fronts too.

Our beer section features a varied selection of imports, microbrews and certified organic suds.

At Co+opportunity, you can find an amazing assortment of local, organic, imported and gourmet cheese in our cheese section. We have affordable staples like Monterrey, Jack and Cheddar, or you can branch out and try one of our many gourmet cheeses like Landmark Raw Hickory Smoked Mild Cheddar or Belgioso Creamy Gorgonzola Cheese. Or try one of our many gourmet cheeses like Marin County Pepata (raw sheeps' milk) or France's Saint Andre Triple Cream.

We also stock a large variety of vegan and lactose-free cheeses.

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