Where We Stand: Black Lives Matter

We can achieve a more just, peaceful community together.

June 1, 2020

Dear Co-Opportunity Members,

Last night, our Santa Monica location was broken into and looted during the unrest. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and both property damage and theft was minimal. Our operations have been relatively unaffected and we remain a safe place to shop - where everyone is welcome. We stand in solidarity with the many other businesses in Santa Monica and the wider city who, however, did suffer more severe damage at the hands of the looters.

As an essential business, our priority remains to balance the safety of staff and customers while providing much needed nourishment to all members of our diverse community. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and will adjust our hours to comply with local curfew orders. Today, both locations will close at 4pm.

We will clean up and recover, but the bigger issue remains. The systemic failures that have plagued Black communities for decades must end. The death of George Floyd and the countless other tragedies call on us all to do more to fight police brutality, racism, indifference and silence. Our work at the Co-op has been rooted in advocating for social justice and change and we will continue to raise our voices in support of all our Black friends and colleagues, and all those impacted by police brutality and racism.

Co-Opportunity staff and our Board of Directors are grateful for all the community support we’ve received throughout these past few difficult months. In times like these, our co-op’s role in bringing people together has never been more important. We are hopeful that we can create a more just, peaceful community together.

In solidarity,
Co-Opportunity Market
Board of Directors and Store Leadership

**Today, our Co-op made a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. We intend to follow up with even more action over the coming days and we welcome your feedback.

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