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Bulk Foods

No need to pay for the package when you shop L.A.'s largest selection of bulk products! We offer a wide variety of unique items in bulk—from grains to nuts to beans, to dried fruit and trail mix, to carob and cacao. Just fill your container with the item and mark down the PLU number. Our cashiers will take it from there.

Bring in Your Own Containers & Mother Earth Will Thank You!

The Co-op offers bags for bulk foods, but you can do some good for the environment by bringing in your own containers. Just weigh your container (even if there’s still food in it from last time) with one of our cashiers and they’ll note the weight. Fill up your container, make sure to mark the bin number as well, and you're good!

Co-opportunity recommends that shoppers with severe food allergies avoid bulk products.

4 Benefits of Buying Bulk